I’m a journalist, editor, author and theatre critic. I live in Sydney, Australia and fetched up here via an extremely circuitous route that began in the East End of London. I was brought up in the wilds of western Kenya and began writing at the age of eight with my first book, titled The Autobiography of a Miserable Child.

I’ve written a number of other books too – non-fiction – including three about Princess Diana: Princess Di – the National Dish, Squidgie Dearest and Diana the Hunted (all Pluto Press). And I co-wrote A Star is Torn (Virago) with Robyn Archer. I’ve been writing theatre criticism for more than 20 years and live and breathe theatre. (Check out http://www.stagenoise.com for around 2000 reviews and features about Sydney theatre.)

In 1996 I discovered lesbian romances (the writing thereof, that is). I’ve published just two – Heart on Fire and Forty Love – and a third is now published – Silver Lining. They’re all available from the great women at Bella Books.

Right now I’m also writing a memoir of growing up in Kenya with elephants in the back garden and it’s titled – surprise surprise – The Autobiography of a Miserable Child.

What else would you like to know?

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