Two nuns went into a bar…

The English language is a wonderful thing, particularly in this age of “democratization” when – apparently – anyone can write. Here’s an example of what happens when “anyone” does.

BTW: this little story, passed on by a friend, is a not only a glorious example of how a missing apostrophe can mean so much, but also of how not knowing the difference between you’re and your can change the world, for better or worse. A by-product is also how to incorporate racism and sexism into a paragraph without really trying!

 Once upon a time two nuns are waiting at traffic lights in their car when a truckload of rowdy young blokes pulls up alongside.

“Oi, get yer tits out, yah ragheads!” shouts one of the lads.

Mother Superior turns to Sister Immaculata, “I don’t think they know who we are, show them your cross,” she instructs.

So Sister Immaculata lowers the window and shouts, “Bugger off you fucking wankers, unless you want me to come over there and rip your fucking balls off!”

She turns back to her companion and asks, “Was that cross enough Mother?”

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