Silver Lining



Published in August 2013 by Bella Books, Silver Lining is the long awaited (by some) follow-up to Forty Love and Heart on Fire (originally Naiad, also now published by Bella Books). Available in paperback and as an ePub – check Bella’s website or go to

The blurb (written by Kate Genet who’s a wiz at this tricky form) goes like this:

“Global finance in tatters, Amanda McIntyre’s career is toast.
What better then than a trip to Australia? The only dark cloud on that horizon is Clancy. There’s history between Amanda and Clancy, and it’s not the good sort.
“But there’s a saying – every dark cloud has a silver lining – and it might even be true, if Amanda and Clancy can stop raining on each other’s parade long enough to find out.
“Diana Simmonds … returns to lesbian romance with this irreverent tale of looking for—and finding—the silver lining in the darkest clouds.”


So far the response has been positive and the Amazon reviews are cheering. For instance:

“…What follows is a humorous tale as Clancy and Amanda clash, even as each is drawn to the other. Clancy and Amanda are both bright women and their dialogue sparkles with wit, as does Malcolm’s. Simmonds has also created some very enjoyable supporting characters, including the residents of Two Moon Bay and some very nasty ex lovers!…” (This reader is extremely intelligent.)


“Finally a romance that is as far away from formulaic as possible. I loved every page of it – the lovable but realistic flawed characters, the Australian scenes, the descriptions, the humor.
“Due to travelling and work I wasn’t able to read it as fast as I would have liked, but I returned to it every possible free minute I had.
“I’ll definitely read other books of this author!” (I like this reader very much.)

And this reader is really, really smart too…

“…Diana Simmonds has done a really good job educating readers about the global financial crisis, introducing non-Aussies to the beautiful coast of Australia and keeping our attention riveted to a “will they/won’t they” romance. The writing is detailed and specific, especially in the second half of the book which takes place in Australia. Simmonds made an interesting POV choice by writing the entire book from the point of view of her main character, Amanda McIntyre, the American whose arc of change is at the center of this book….”

The Goldie Award-winning Clare Ashton (After Mrs Hamilton) also likes it, but she’d have to say that because she was my one and only beta reader.

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