In the beginning…

…there was Clare Ashton, known as Tig, who said “why don’t you have a blog?” And I said,  “why don’t you mind your own business?” She, being named for a very determined little hedgehog, as Beatrix Potter fans will know, employed the drip technique. So, as you can see, I gave in.

Today is 12/12/12 – an auspicious day in more ways than one. Aside from the nice numbers, it’s also Kenya Independence Day and that’s a good thing to celebrate even though the poor of that wonderful country still suffer just as they did in colonial times; except these days they have a black foot on their necks rather than a white one. But the shoes are still hand-tooled in London. It was ever thus.

Digressions beings what they are, I’ve digressed. This is going to be about writing, in the main, and other things that make me happy. Like sniffing the back of a baby’s head – the scent of sunshine and miracles as I’m sure someone else has already said, but it’s a true thing anyway.

More later…

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3 Responses to In the beginning…

  1. TT Thomas says:

    Not too much later, one hopes. Excellent beginnings…but, well, um, have you no photo of the elephant in the back yard in Kenya? What a lovely banner photo that could make. Then there really would be an elephant in the room, and I’m fairly certain you will sort all that out in much the same way Dorothy Parker did…

  2. I like your style, Diana!

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